About Sym

The visual splendor of makeup has always pulled at my heart for as long as I can remember. Seeing alluring makeup has always been a thrilling feeling. It inspires me to push my creative limits, and to produce artistic visions of my own. This passion has driven me into doing what I love every day of my life.

It was about 10 years ago that I decided I wanted to pursue makeup professionally. Putting myself through the paces of formal training was next, both in India as well as the US. I was fortunate enough to get to learn from leading professionals at both stops: Vidya Tikari (http://www.vidyatikari.in) and Amanda Shackleton (http://mediamakeupacademy.com). The journey remains on-going, as I learn and grow professionally.

Having had the good fortune to be exposed to various mediums, settings and environments, I cherish the versatility it has helped me acquire. Be it weddings, fashion or any other creative outlet, we as makeup artists strive to summon some essential traits like; creativity, ingenuity, a flair for the dramatic, meticulousness, working under time constraints, and most importantly, feeling joy in working with others.

It feels very gratifying working with all of my incredible clients that choose me to be a part of their special occasions; and the very talented, beautiful and creative people I get to collaborate my aesthetics with. This lovely camaraderie with peers and clients, and the fulfillment and joy that it brings, fuels me to keep on keepin’ on..